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DAQCON TECHNOLOGIES PTE LTD ( DAQCON ) is a local company providing products and solutions for the industrial, telecommunications, mobility, and defence markets. Established in 1997 and with more than 20 years of staff experiences in providing total solutions for the high-end industries,     DAQCON 's strength has been in integrating and incorporating the latest, cutting edge technology into solutions for their end-user, customers and solutions partners.

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DAQCON distributes and resells the products and solutions as listed below  :-

DAQCON welcomes and invites you to view our products and solutions.                                


If you are interested in our products and/or solutions or if you need information about our products and/or solutions, please call us at (65) 6701-8687 or email us at


You  could also reach us through our


Thank you.

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